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 There is a lot of good things that I can say about Barry Simons. I had received a Felony DUI in May 2016. I was bailed out of jail. Upon my release, I inquired w.r.t. an attorney that has a high bar in ethics and was able to get results. After my inquiries and research, I ended up at Barry Simons law office in Laguna Beach. Now I have had previous felony priors, so I needed someone that was going to give me their best in representation. There is a lot of hype about lawyers that take your money and do not adequately represent you if at all. A lot of that is true and by firsthand knowledge. This is absolutely not the case with Barry. He is worth every penny and then some. I have to personally thank Barry in the manner in which he handled my case. I will go as far as to say he took a personal interest in me and my case. While I was facing some years in prison, Barry was able to keep from that happening. I was a complete wreck and in the deepest dark thralls of my alcoholic addiction. Barry was the one who got me to a physician that specializes in this kind of dependency. That doctor got me on a counter active regimen that combats further abuse. To this day I am still with this doctor. Barry got me proactive in my court ordered requirements. Now what I was facing and what I wanted the outcome to be were 2 different ideas. I resisted and Barry guided my thinking to a more practical level of what was to come. After a few court dates and some sobriety under my belt I was ready to face my consequences. The outcome was one of true marvel that Barry performed. I spent very little time in jail, not what I expected. I had the usual court ordered requirements outline by my case. He was able to make so that I avoided any court programs or lengthy incarceration. Today I am free and I have completed most of my court order requirements. In addition, I am still sober and happy. I owe all this to Barry Simons. If it weren’t for his personal dedication to my well-being and court case, I am not sure where I would be today. He never missed a court date nor was ever late. Thank you Barry and all you have done for me.


“I first met Barry Simons ten years ago when I was midway through medical school. At the time, I had been charged with a felony DUI, which I feared could have abruptly ended my aspirations of becoming a physician very early in my career. Barry guided me through the complex legal process, from the criminal proceedings to DMV hearings, via various creative resources to deal with my specific situation. As a result, he helped to minimize the legal ramifications I had to face. With Barry’s help, I completed medical school on schedule and went on to become an interventional cardiologist, which is what I practice today. Throughout the years, Barry has continued to provide guidance when needed, for example, answering questions on professional applications regarding disclosure of information. He has tirelessly been an advocate for me and has always remained sensitive to my primary goal, which is to be able to practice medicine. I cannot thank Barry enough for his assistance; without him, I truly do not think I would be in my position today.” 



“In my experience, attorneys have been ind of hit and miss. Seems that some are snakes, and some are average, but very rarely you’ll get one who’s a savior. These are the ones who are able to give you several priceless years of your life that you would not have otherwise experienced. Barry is without question one of these saviors. He is clearly cause oriented, he knows the system inside and out, and he and his team are as punctual as they get. Check his credentials and I doubt you’ll find a lawyer who has accomplished what he has accomplished, or who can do what he can do.  I would recommend Barry Simons to anybody I know, as the best attorney out there.”



EXTREMELY SMOOTH AND PROFESSIONAL!“Mr. Simons and his office provided me with a great deal of help. I was ch

arged with petty theft recently and Mr. Simons was able to bargain with the DA to give me a DEJ. There isn’t really much more to add. Everything was extremely smooth and professional; he always kept me informed of my situation. I am profoundly grateful for his office’s service and would recommend him to anyone.”

I cannot begin to express how grateful and blessed I am for the outcome of my case. Prior to my incident, I have never had to hire an attorney for anything, and quite honestly, thought I never would have to. In circumstances like these where you admit to being responsible, you are also blindsided and more scared than ever of what lies ahead. At the very beginning of this emotional time, my only concern was to find legal representation. I couldn’t tell you what the key was in finding the right lawyer, or even what makes a good lawyer. However, I can tell you that choosing one carefully based on their merits, as well as their reassurance is what I believe led me to find Barry Simons.
Naturally, no promises can be made, and nothing is ever guaranteed, especially for DUI charges. After my incident, I sought further counsel, including consultations with five other firms in addition to Barry Simons to compare and contrast. Barry was the first attorney I consulted with, and he had spent an hour with me going over the possibilities of my case. I had never been in any serious trouble before, and I was financially unprepared for what the fight would cost. But, nonetheless, Barry put me at ease by being honest with my situation and making me feel like I wasn’t a criminal. Truthfully, the reassurance of his having my best interest was the big motivator in my final decision to proceed.”



“Barry and his team used a series of tactics to explore all angles of my case. What could easily be overlooked by anyone else, Barry and his team discovered and examined even further. Their knowledge of criminal defense, as well as their excellent communication and persuasive skills made it possible for every portion of this matter to be considered.” 



“Barry kept me well informed throughout my case via correspondence and explained to me his motives for the steps he and his team were going to initiate, as well as the potential consequences. With such unsettling circumstances, it makes a world of difference to find an attorney that will exceed your expectations. In the end, the DUI charges were dropped and I was given an exchange plea of admitting to a Wet Reckless; I took the plea and the case concluded after 9 months.” 


“I feel as though a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders, and an enormous weight removed from my heart. I’ve grown so much from this experience, not only personally, but professionally and spiritually. I have a renewed sense of peace and continue to show my positivity and gratitude every single day. I will never forget your efforts, and know that if a good friend of mine or family member should need assistance in the future, I will refer you, and only you.”
“With deepest thanks; kindest regards; abundant blessings to you and yours, and infinite prosperity…”

“A few years ago I found myself in a position where I could end up spending several years in prison, needless to say I was in serious need of a top notch defense attorney. After a small amount of research it quickly became clear that Barry was the best of the best. That day my family and I went to see him. After I explained what had happened Barry quickly got to work on the case, constantly keeping me informed of everything that I needed to do, and of the progress he was making. Barry, Alan, and the rest of the team were, without question, on point every step of the way. Since then my life has made a 180 degree turn for the better, and I attribute this largely to the incredible job done by Barry and his team in protecting my freedom, and giving me a second chance. Thank you guys. Everything you’ve done is greatly appreciated.” 

“Mr. Simons, his associates, and staff, were very through, professional, and personally supportive to my family, to get us past very difficult times in our lives. His court demeanor, preparedness, and unrelenting determination to secure the best possible results with our cases was reassuring to my family, as he guided us through the legal system. With his extensive background, as well as the support of his in-house associates, and staff, we were given both personal affirmation, and confidence, that our cases would result in the best and fairest results available. From Mr. Simons’ office we witnessed only complete and calculated devotion to our problems, and even anticipated problems, and had solutions at the ready, when needed. Without hesitation, I would personally recommend Mr. Simons and his complete office to anyone, and would never think twice about it.”


“Mr. Simons and all of the employees at the firm are amazing. I had a very difficult case and I was terrified of the potential ramifications/sentencing that I faced. The past three months (since my arrest) have been absolute hell but Barry and his team saved me! I was kept informed of the progress/status of my case regularly and the results turned out well in my favor and I couldn’t be happier. And not only is Barry an exceptional attorney, he is also a nice guy who always treated me with respect and in a professional manner. I will sleep well tonight thanks to Barry and his team.  You guys are the best! Thanks,”


“Barry Simons Law Firm, maintained a clear head and kept me well informed of possible outcomes for the different set of circumstances I faced. Not only did he obtain a favorable bargain for my case, he never once wavered at the possibility of future litigation. If you are facing a DUI, the last thing you want is an attorney that is scared to go to trial on your behalf. I felt confident that my representation gave me an advantage over the other side due to his dedication to see the case through.”

“My license was not suspended, my fines were lowered and the DUI was gone. Fantastic result, fantastic attorney, fantastic Law Firm. A+”


“Field Test was .12 and station test was .09. I had a prior unrelated charge and was on informal probation when the alleged violation occurred. After, 10 months of continuous effort the Law Office of Barry T Simons was able to get my DUI dropped to a “wet reckless” with 3 years informal probation. I’m very thankful for the Team of Lawyers at Barry’s office for their extra efforts as I didn’t end up in jail due to the prior. Total Win in my eyes.”

“I would recommend Barry Simons to anyone going through the traumatic trial of a DUI. Barry Simons and his staff were instrumental in getting me a fair sentence for my Felony DUI. I couldn’t have imagined putting my fate in the hands of any other DUI Attorney. He was extremely thorough and personal in every matter on my case.”


“I’ve known Barry and his top notch law team for 15 years and I can say without hesitation they are the finest DUI law firm in Orange County. I believe they literally “wrote the book” how to defend cases involving DUI charges. I’ve sent many friends to Barry over the years and they’ve all had positive outcomes. Don’t settle for a lower caliber attorney, call Barry’s office first.”



“When looking for a good attorney you want to choose someone who is first experienced, has a specific expertise (DUI), and a proven successful track record. The law offices of Barry Simons has all of those attributes and then some. Not to mention his staff is professional and understand the how to fight a DUI case. They are always available and you will get the feeling you are the only person they are working with. They have proven that they will fight your case and have the ability to get your charges reduced. I highly recommend the law offices of Barry T. Simons.”


I had to write you and tell you how thankful and grateful to the services I received from you and your staff during my last legal entanglement. You and your colleagues have renewed my faith in that competent attorney’s that truly care about the welfare of their client’s and families do exist.”


“This was not my first requirement for an attorney. The circumstances this time had far more reaching legal penalties than the prior two. Despite the increased potential penalties, you and your staff were able to better the outcome as compared to my previous two experiences. You truly listened to my wants, needs, and fears.”


“Your honest and knowledgeable approach towards handling this case gave myself, and family the peace of mind that all of us desperately needed during that extremely trying time. I need you to know that my relationships with family, friends and in the professional world have remained in tact and positive.” 

“Your ability to envision and address issues before they arise are obviously due to your exceptional capabilities, gained from a long standing career and your critical relationships within the legal world.”


“Additionally, your amazing staff and the size of your practice have squarely placed your reputation in the Orange County area as THE relationship to have when you are in desperate need of an attorney you can trust your immediate entire future with. Unfortunately, this is a rare commodity in today’s legal maze.” 


”Your client commitment became crystal clear to me when you hand delivered important documents that truly led to the incredible positive outcome in my case. When I envision the potential alternative outcomes is when I can sincerely say from the bottom of my heart. Thank You!”


“With unending gratitude and deepest respect from myself, and family, thank you.”   Anonymous



“I live in Texas and hired Mr. Simons to represent me in order to clear up an old charge in the State of California. I had no idea where to start in the process. I began a tiring search for representation involving many, many phone calls to various firms, most of which, never got back to me or gave me the run-around. I had come across Mr. Simon’s information and reviews stating that he ran a reputable firm. After an almost immediate telephone consultation on my first call, I was given clear timelines, goals and expectations regarding my case. During the entire process, I was able to call and speak with my attorney directly within 24hrs of my inquiry. My attorney clearly reached out to me if anything was needed on my behalf by phone or email. His knowledge of California law led to a speedy and favorable determination in my favor. Being out of state, the communication really kept me at ease with how things were progressing. It gave me peace of mind that I needed in order to live my day-to-day. It gave me confidence that everything was in good hands and that I was being represented by a solid and capable attorney. I would highly recommend this firm and encourage anyone seeking representation to consult with Mr. Simons.”

“IMPORTANT   anybody that knows me,  well,  knows that i have had my share of bad luck.  Ok mistakes…   alright I’ve gotten arrested a few times,  for dui’s etc.   What i want to tell you guys is…   if you get in trouble out there in your car,  and you get a dui,  or two,  or three,  like me,  the person you need to call is BARRY T SIMONS  in LAGUNA BEACH CALIFORNIA.    He has been in the business for decades, his law firm is in the top 3 in California.  His partners at the law firm are experienced,  and knowledgeable,  professional,  and will will take care of you , 100%.  SO IF YOU GET ARRESTED IN ORANGE COUNTY FOR A DUI  YOU NEED TO CALL THE  LAW OFFICE OF BARRY T SIMONS”


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Selected Only OC DUI Super Lawyer 2014-2017

Rated Preeminent By Bar Register

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By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.

By Barry T. Simons: “It is my honor and privilege to fight for my clients; challenge unjust laws; protect our Constitution and to be a thorn on the side of injustice”.